Work From Sahara




9:00AM - 5:00PM


15th May




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Work From Sahara

This is a Hybrid Class
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Lindsey Marie Silver, founder of Sahara Studio

With over 20 years of professional performance and gold-standard teaching, Lindsey has empowered and transformed the lives of women worldwide. Her unique blend of dance, fitness and wellness, combined with a natural, intuitive approach, is celebrated as life-affirming and transformative. Many of her students describe their experience as truly life-changing.

We’re relaunching our WFH (Work From Sahara) days!

Join us in the Lunara Lounge for warmth, peace and companionship with your laptop and your smartphone your diary books essay your headphones your sewing visionboard, get a costuming club going or whatever you want to be doing! Lindsey will be doing some behind the scenes stuff like admin, creating Bodhi products, unpacking new stock etc.

so, If you have things to do and would enjoy WFS stead of WFH come hang out/be productive and enjoy hot teas and healthy snacks with a sense of community togetherness.

We have superfast WiFi, power sockets and mostly anything you could need. And if you want to look fancy on a video call we got professional lighting!

A pot of tea is £4, cold drinks priced individually and healthy snacks mostly £1 each. Or alternatively, bring your own and leave a donation to support our Community Fund and help us have more WFS days in the future

So happy that once again you can enjoy healthy drinks and snacks at the studio! Anytime!

Self-serve. If you use a glass, please rinse a glass

To pay you can use the QR code on the little sign to PayPal.me/LittleEgypt your total, drop pound (£) pebbles or gemstones or kitty cash from our hafla party in our honesty box on top of the water filter or if I’m around you can do contactless.

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Work From Sahara WFS currently open to anyone in the Sahara Studio community and our Sacred Sahara Circle group on facebook, exclusively. It’s not open to the general public.

We’ll let you know all future days and times in due course.

Any questions drop us a Message or an email

Looking forward to sharing creative, productive, relaxing space with you

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"The noblest art is that of making others happy." - P.T.Barnum